Monday, January 11, 2010

"CREATE" with MamaMoontime

I've been toying over and mulling over the name of my creative program for quite some time.  Whilst I am a "MamaMoontime" and hope we can all become 'Mama's creating in the Moontime', I'm not sure this is easy to understand.  I'm also concerned that the name "MamaMoontime Creativity Club" means that some women without children might feel left out or neglected or just think it can't be something for them.

I need to right this immediately!

This course is for all WOMEN, of all ages, who want to either FIND, or FIRE UP, their creativity.

Life is busy, and full, and things get in the way of creating but joining this creative program means that every week you set aside 2-3 hours JUST FOR YOU and better yet, get your creative brain working again!

Making friends, having a laugh, being provoked to think about life a little more deeply, eating and drinking, and just being surrounded by other women creating are some of the other bonuses!!

So, the new name is simple.   "CREATE" with Amber Greene. (Founder of MamaMoontime)

In many ways, with many tools, with colour and light, trying out new things and seeing whether they 'fit' with you. 

In a day or two, I'll have the program and a bit more detail up here so please check back.
Enrolments are now open!

Contact me at to book.

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