Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A very cool fabulous prize!

Would you like to come along to the term of Mama Moontime Club for FREE?????

If you are a Gold Coast resident (or are prepared to drive from Brisbane/Northern rivers), then enter now!

This prize is valued at $200.00!!

The term begins on October 7, and runs for 10 weeks, on Wednesdays in Mudgeeraba. The only thing you'll need to bring is a new cup or mug- find one truly fabulous!

You'll have so much fun, you won't want it to stop (and for those who really don't want it to stop, Term DEF (as in, after term ABC) will begin in 2010! Term ABC will also run again, for those of you who miss out this time.

All you have to do is leave a comment here!

The competition will close Next Sunday 4th of October at 5pm and will be drawn at 5.30pm.

The Winner will be announced then, so please check back!!

Why not visit Mama Moontime whilst you wait??

These are the words on the posters around town. Does any of this apply to you?

Do you watch too much tv?
Wonder if there is more to life?
Feeling down, deflated or just bored??

The Mama Moontime Creativity Club will help you find AND fire your Creative Flame!

A creative soul = someone WHOLE!

Come along for fun, friendship, and self discovery. Be fabulous!!

If you want to enrol, email me at amber.greene@hotmail.com or call 55338915 to book your place.


  1. Can we comment and enter the draw if we've already put our names down??? xx Beck

  2. Hi Amber! Can't wait until it starts! I printed out your Banoffee Toffee Pie recipe after trying it last Sunday...yum....xoxo

  3. Finally a place were I can express myself and get the creative juices flowing again!

  4. This sounds like exactly what my mum needs Amber to lift her spirits, she is a libran with no creative outlet and it's time she got a jumpstart, consider me entered on her behalf!

  5. Sounds fabulous! Consider me entered too!


  6. I want to make a golden treasure castle too
    Absolutely love what you do !!!!!

  7. Amber is a creative goddess! Its nice to be inspired to take a moment or two out of our busy lives to do something fun and make beautiful things.

  8. Thank you Cindi! IT is a title I can only aspire to!!

  9. The lucky winner is BEK!! Drawn out of a hat!!
    Congratulations!! See you Wednesday!!