Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Mama Moontime Club Schedule for Oct-Dec 2009

The Mama Moontime Club Schedule - October -December 2009 (Term ABC)

Welcome, glorious friends! I hope you find something you like!

The Mama Moontime Creativity and Craft Club is my long held dream finally coming into reality! I hope it will change your reality too!

We'll be mama's (and grand-mama's and sometime-to-be-mama's!) playing in the MOON time. This is OUR time!!

The club nights are all about thinking more deeply about life, exploring (or simply finding!) your creative source, inspirational ideas, learning to be curious and engaged in life, finding kindred spirits and being full of joy! It is all about things for a beautiful life!

A big bonus is having the opportunity to model, paint, draw, sculpt, felt, decorate, colour, sew, stitch, craft, eat, laugh, sing and celebrate!

Don't worry if you have never done it before. I will make it simple for you to grasp and learn! After all, in a prior life, I was a kindergarten teacher! And if you are capable, there will be opportunities to fly!

NOTE: Although the sessions are individual, and may be taken as single classes, they are sequential and will build layer by layer.
However, the best creativity health outcome' will be gained by attendance at all sessions!

Wednesday Evenings, at the Mudgeeraba Presbyterian Church- 319 Mudgeeraba Road.
Take Exit 79, to Mudgeeraba side. The Church is by the roundabout, opposite tennis courts.

Term ABC:
  1. October 7th-Introduction, Pushing the Creative Boundaries with Creative Play (numerous materials)
  2. October 14th- The Creative Journey and what it means for your inner life or 'soul'. Task: Felting your journal cover.
  3. October 21st- Beautifying your life through creativity. The Tiny, Small things that matter. Task: Small, cute things!! Wait and see!
  4. October 28th - The creative and outrageous art of embroidery. Task: Your own stitch sampler. Learn the stitches, through creative means, and never be stumped again!
  5. November 4th- Your life seal-of-approval. Making your life 'trademark'! Task: The joyful delight of Hand carved stamps
  6. November 11th- Being thankful- Lessons on gratitude and love. Task: The art of Hand made thank you notes.
  7. November 18th- The vessel and the golden drop! Building our inner reserves and connections to nature and the world. Task: Not-your-everyday flower decorating class! (lots of fun!)
  8. November 25th- The flame within- Seeking and protecting the source of your creativity. Task: A decorative piece of felt for your humble home
  9. December 2nd - The road to Christmas- Fun, thoughtful approaches to a family celebration. Task: Christmas momentos and decorating ideas
  10. December 9th- The 2009 Creative Celebration. An evening of frivolity, games, fun and food- all in the name of 'Creativity'. Come celebrate with us!

For bookings, please call Amber on 55 33 8915 or email Don't forget to leave your details so I can get back to you!

$25 per session. Limit of 20 people per evening. Bookings are essential as material packs need to be prepared.

For details on how to pay, please contact Amber.

A term booking (10 sessions) is offered at a discount of $200

All bookings are non refundable, however they are TRANSFERABLE. If you are unable to attend a session, you may gift that session to a friend or family member. Please let Amber know of any changes.

In 2010, there will be shopfront facilities via the web, which will enable you to pay via paypal over the internet.

From 2010, I hope to have another evening or two available at different venues across the Gold Coast. Keep an eye on
Mama Moontime for details.


  1. Oh no!! I had planned out which ones I want to come to, got out my calendar to mark then and then realised that Wednesday evenings are scout nights!! Do any of your evenings fall in school holidays? I will check and see...

  2. p.s. love the grass!! What a difference it makes to the front of your house :) All freash and green(e)

  3. Wow! They sound awesome Amber, I will work out whether I can come, and let you know asap! Beck x

  4. Hi Amber , Im printing this out and giving it to a few girls from work who were intereseted when I mentioned it to them.Jen

  5. Hi Amber, I left a message somewhere on your site but it wasn't in this particular part I don't think! Can't wait till Wednesday, see you then!
    Jo Pascoe xoxo